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Well, nearly. There are gaps in the records that we have been unable to identify so if anyone can supply any information on the internationals and internationalists, from results to extra detail about the athletes, from photos to anecdotes, that would be hugely appreciated.


In the meantime, the story so far ...

The International Matches

The definition that we have used for an international match is that it is a scored contest involving at least one other country. This brings in matches which were not recognised as 'full' internationals, such as matches involving the English regions, but as Northern Ireland or Wales generally competed in these matches, we feel it is right to recognise them as international matches. 


This brings in 232 matches from 1895 to 2016. Here is the complete listing of these internationals:


Scotland's international matches 


The following links provide the detailed results of these matches:


The matches 1895-1913                    The matches 1914-1939


The matches 1946-1968                    The matches 1969-1985


The matches 1986-1999                    The matches 2000-2009


The matches 2010-2016                    Indoor internationals


And the internationalists

Between 1895 and 2016, we have identified 1,640 athletes, 1118 men and 522 women, who have competed for Scotland.


The following links provided the international career details of these athletes:


Men                                                     Women



Most Scotland Internationals

No of appearances Athlete Dates
25  Lorraine Campbell 1981-1990
23 Allan Leiper 1973-1991
23 Geoff Parsons 1982-1994
23 Rhona Pinkerton/Scobie 1983-1994
22 Paul Forbes 1976-1986
21 Mary Anderson 1983-1993
21 Chris Black 1971-1986
21 Eric Irvine 1980-1987
21 John Scott 1979-1991
20 Crawford Fairbrother 1958-1969
20 Alison Grey 1988-1994

Young and old

Youngest Scottish Internationalists


Age Athlete Event Opponents Date
14y 334d  Ross Hepburn HJ England, Wales 12 Sep 1976 
16y 72d Kris Stewart 4x400 Northern Ireland, Wales, Turkey 22 Jun 1996
16y 153d Craig Erskine 400 England, Wales, Northern Ireland (i) 26 Feb 2000
16y 212d Paul Mardle DT England, Belgium, Norway 10 Jun 1979
16y 233d Cameron Tindle 60 GB, France, Germany 24 Jan 2015
16y 235d Ben Greenwood 800 England, Wales, GB Juns, GB Univ, L'boro 17 May 2015
16y 257d Hugh Davidson LJ Denmark, Ireland 28 Jun 1980
16y 332d Stephen Ritchie HJ Iceland, Ireland 9 Jul 1988
17y 8d David Barnetson HJ Iceland, Ireland 9 Jul 1988
17y 13d David Jenkins 4x400 England, Northern Ireland, Wales 7 Jun 1969


Age Athlete Event Opponents Date
14y 144d  Katrina Dyer HJ Wales, English Counties, Combined Serv (i) 11 Feb 1989 
14y 330d Yvonne Anderson LJ England, Northern Ireland 11 May 1980
15y 12d Jacqueline Hardie JT Wales, Canada 24 Jul 1974
15y 82d Lynne MacDougall 1500 England, Northern Ireland 11 May 1980
15y 107d Moira Walls HJ Denmark 19 Aug 1967
15y 114d Alison Grey Hep Czechoslovakia, France, Hungary 3 Sep 1988
15y 121d Karen Glen LJ Wales, Israel 21 Jul 1979
15y 124d Anne Wilson 4x110y Northern Ireland 9 Jul 1960
15y 136d Valerie Price JT Norway 3 Sep 1977
15y 141d Anne Clarkson 4x400 Wales, Canada 24 Jul 1974

Oldest Scottish Internationalists


 Oldest Debutant

Age Athlete Event Opponents Date
43y 234d+  Sandy Smith HT Empire Games 21 Aug 1930 
Oldest Competitors
46y 280d Tom Nicolson HT England, Ireland 10 Jul 1926
46y 160d Niall McDonald HT England, Hungary, Norway 26 Jul 1981
44y 191d+ Sandy Smith SP/HT Ireland 25 Jul 1931
43y 59d Arthur McKenzie DT/HT Luxembourg, Belgian League 12 Jun 1982
42y 38d Bill Stoddart 11M Northern Ireland 9 Jun 1973
Note: Sandy Smith's exact birthdate is unknown. The ages given are based on a 31 December date in the year of his birth, which is the minimum age he would have been at the above events.


Oldest Debutants

Age Athlete Event Opponents Date
39y 121d  Lorna Irving Mar Commonwealth Games 1 Aug 1986 
38y 189d Joasia Zakrzewski Mar Commonwealth Games 27 Jul 2014
35y 90d Sandra Branney 3000 Northern Ireland, Ireland 29 Jul 1989
Oldest Competitors
42y 143d Hayley Haining Mar Commonwealth Games 27 Jul 2014
40y 253d Rosemary Payne SP Commonwealth Games 27 Jan 1974
39y 121d Lorna Irving Mar Commonwealth Games 1 Aug 1986
38y 331d Carol Sharp 1500 Turkey, Israel, Wales 22 May 1994
38y 189d Joasia Zakrzewski Mar Commonwealth Games 27 Jul 2014
Note: Road races only included when part of an international track and field event



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