Currently, the best sites to obtain current, updated rankings during a season are the TOPS in Athletics rankings and the Power of 10 rankings. This site will not try and compete with these sites but will provide annual ranking lists which we believe to be the most accurate in documenting Scottish athletics. Over time we will develop this section of the site to provide ranking lists dating back through the years to give a comprehensive detailing of the best performers in Scottish athletics. Club abbreviations can be found at this link.



60m: 6.87 i Praise Olatoke, 6.90 i Krishawn Aiken, 7.03 i Adam Clayton

100m: 10.86 Adam Clayton

200m: 21.20 i Praise Olatoke, 21.63 Adam Clayton  

400m: 48.14 i Krishawn Aiken, 49.96 Adam Clayton

800m: 1:46.73 i Guy Learmonth, 1:47.24 i Neil Gourley, 1:49.86 i Joe Ewing

1500m: 3:34.48 i Jake Wightman, 3:35.78 Josh Kerr, 3:35.79 i Neil Gourley, 3:40.82 i Andrew Butchart, 3:47.98 i Joe Ewing

3000m: 7:40.85 i Andrew Butchart, 8:10.40 i Sol Sweeney

5000m: 14:11.01 David Melville, 14:11.70 Aidan Thompson, 14:14.51 Freddie Carcas, 14:19.12 Joe Arthur, 14:21.05 Andrew Fyfe

10000m: 29:09.90 David Melville, 29:47.21 Jack Leitch

HM: 64:45+ Callum Hawkins, 65:40 Jonathan Glen, 66:21 James Donald, 66:37+ Robbie Simpson, 67:13 Sean Chalmers

Mar: 2:15:26 Robbie Simpson

60mH: 8.45 i Andrew Murphy, 8.76 i Joel McFarlane

3000mS: 8:49.82 Aidan Thompson, 9:19.88 Conall McGinness

HJ: 2.17 i William Grimsey, 1.93 i Joel McFarlane, 1.86 i Andrew Murphy

PV: 4.50 i Andrew Murphy, 4.15 i Joel McFarlane

LJ:  7.28 i Stephen Mackenzie, 7.05 i Joel McFarlane, 6.89 Aidan Quinn, 6.85 i Andrew Murphy

TJ: 15.37 iA Aidan Quinn, 15.02 Bera Ajala

SP: 17.79 i George Evans, 14.15 Andrew Murphy, 12.92 i Joel McFarlane

DT: 61.44 Nicholas Percy, 53.80 George Evans

HT: 75.69 Chris Bennett, 66.29 Ciaran Wright, 56.72 George Evans

JT:  66.67 Greg Millar, 51.31 Joel McFarlane

Hep: 5149 i Joel McFarlane, 4559 i Andrew Murphy 

Dec: 5587 Joel McFarlane


60m: 7.36 i Alisha Rees, 7.48 i Zoey Clark

200m: 23.23 Nicole Yeargin 

400m: 52.03 i Zoey Clark, 52.09 Nicole Yeargin, 53.53 i Beth Dobbin

800m: 2:00.64 i Jemma Reekie, 2:04.26 i Jenny Selman, 2:07.84 Kathryn Gillespie, 2:10.64 i Mhairi Hendry

1500m: 3:59.58 i Laura Muir, 4:14.29 i Erin Wallace, 4:16.00 Madeleine Murray, 4:17.87 Kathryn Gillespie, 4:18.25 i Jenny Selman

3000m: 9:23.20 i Eloise Walker, 9:27.66 Kathryn Gillespie

5000m: 17:22.30 Eilidh Bell

10000m: 30:58.94 Eilish McColgan

HM: 74:05+ Stephanie Davis & Sarah Inglis

Mar: 2:27:16 Stephanie Davis, 2:34:09 Sarah Inglis

60mH: 8.31 i Heather Paton, 8.62 i Alix Still

100mH: 13.98 Alix Still

HJ: 1.86 i Nikki Manson, 1.71 i Alix Still, 1.71A Allie Routledge, 1.66 i Carmen Neat, 

PV: 3.75 i Courtney MacGuire

LJ:  6.07 i Sarah Warnock, 5.98 Alix Still

TJ: 11.93 i Zara Asante

SP: 10.97 i Alix Still

DT: 58.82 Kirsty Law

HT: 58.14 Kirsty Costello

JT: 39.77 Katie Burr, 34.06 Allie Routledge

Pen: 3974 i Alix Still

Hep: 5371 Alix Still

Notes: i indoors, A at altitude (over 1000m)


The window for athletes to achieve Commonwealth Games selection standards opened on 1 March 2021 for track and field events and 1 January 2021 for the marathon. The following is an unofficial listing of athletes who have equalled or bettered the standard. For full consideration of the selection criteria, please refer to the selection policy.



Josh Kerr 3:35.78

Neil Gourley 3:39.84i


Nick Percy 61.44-60.13


Chris Bennett 73.74.




Nicole Yeargin 23.23


Stephanie Davis 2:27:16

Sarah Inglis 2:34:09


Kirsty Law 58.82-57.30.



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