These performance tables have been developed with the aim of scoring events from beginners level (1 point) to world class (1200 points).


The tables are designed so that athletes can develop through the age-groups with a smooth scoring pattern as they progress.


The key scores within the tables are 1200 points, which is given for a performance equivalent to a World top 50 ranking; and 600 points, which is equivalent to the Power of 10 target for Under 15s (adapted for other events as appropriate).


As a rule of thumb a UK Power of 10 'top 10' target should earn around 300 points for Under 13s, 600 points for Under 15s, 750 points for Under 17s and 900 points for Under 20s. This is illustrated within the following summary of the tables, showing the performances necessary to gain the scores at 100-point intervals:


Men Points Summary    Women Points Summary


The scoring table can be used by downloading the Excel spreadsheet. It can be used freely to score any event or performances. If any problems are encountered, please email

Updated October 2023
Scoring Table 2023.xlsx
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