The international section covers Scottish performances at international championships. This page shows all Scottish medal winners at senior championships. You can click on the link on the athlete's name to get the full result and description of the event. The Age-Group page (menu on the right) covers the age-group championships from under-18 to under-23 level. The Complete Record (menu on the right) gives the full record of all Scottish athletes who have competed at each of the championships.

Major Championships

The major pinnacle for international athletes is competition at the highest level, the Olympic Games. The Games were first held in Athens in 1896 and are held every 4 years, with the 2012 Games due to be held in London. Scottish athletes have won gold medals, silver medals and bronze medals at the Olympic Games as follows:


GoldWyndham Halswelle (1908, 400m), Arthur Robertson (1908, 3 miles team race), Henry Macintosh (1912, 4x100m), Robert Lindsay (1920, 4x400m), Eric Liddell (1924, 400m), Allan Wells (1980, 100m).


SilverWyndham Halswelle (1906, 400m), John McGough (1906, 1500m), Arthur Robertson (1908, 3200m SC), James Wilson (1920, Cross Country team race), Alistair McCorquodale (1948, 4x100m), David Jenkins (1972, 4x400m), Allan Wells (1980, 200m), Elliot Bunney (1988, 4x100m), Liz McColgan (1988, 10000m), Laura Muir (2021, 1500m).


BronzeWyndham Halswelle (1906, 800m), James Soutter (1912, 4x400m), James Wilson (1920, 10000m), Eric Liddell (1924, 200m), Ian Stewart (1972, 5000m), Linsey Macdonald (1980, 4x400m), Yvonne Murray (1988, 3000m), Eilidh Doyle (2016, 4x400m), Josh Kerr (2021, 1500m). 


The World Athletics Championships commenced in 1983 and were held four-yearly until 1991, after which they became a bi-annual event. Scottish athletes who have won medals at these Championships are:


GoldLiz McColgan (1991, 10000m), Jake Wightman (2022, 1500m), Josh Kerr (2023, 1500m).


Silver - Eilidh Child/Doyle (2013, 4x400m & 2017, 4x400m), Zoey Clark (2017, 4x400m).


Bronze – Dougie Walker (1997, 4x100m), Lee McConnell (2005, 4x400m), (2007, 4x400m), (2009, 4x400m) & (2011, 4x400m), Jamie Bowie (2013, 4x400m), Eilidh Child (2015, 4x400m), Kirsten McAslan (2015, 4x400m), Laura Muir (2022, 1500m), Nicole Yeargin (2022, 4x400m), Nicole Yeargin (2023, 4x400m).


The World Athletics Indoor Championships commenced in 1985 with the first championships being called the World Indoor Games. These championships were held bi-annually until 2003, and bi-annually again from 2004. Scottish athletes who have won medals at these Championships are:


GoldTom McKean (1993, 800m), Yvonne Murray (1993, 3000m), Josh Kerr (2024, 3000m).


SilverLiz McColgan (1989, 3000m), David Strang (1993, 1500m), Jamie Bowie (2014, 4x400m), Laura Muir (2018, 1500m), Jemma Reekie (2024, 800m).


Bronze - Lee McConnell (2010, 4x400m), Eilidh Child (2014, 4x400m), Laura Muir (2018, 3000m), Eilidh Doyle (2018, 400m), Zoey Clark (2018, 4x400m).


The European Athletics Championships has been established since 1934 and has generally been held every four years, although there was a gap in 1942 for the war and a re-positioning of the event in 1969 and 1971 before again going 4-yearly from 1974. Scottish athletes who have won medals at these Championships are:


GoldAlan Paterson (1950, High Jump), Elspeth Hay (1950, 4x100m), John MacIsaac (1958, 4x400m), Rosemary Stirling (1969, 4x400m), David Jenkins (1971, 400m), David Jenkins (1974, 4x400m), Brian Whittle (1986, 4x400m), Tom McKean (1990, 800m), Yvonne Murray (1990, 3000m), Brian Whittle (1990, 4x400m), Brian Whittle (1994, 4x400m), Dougie Walker (1998, 200m & 4x100m), Lynsey Sharp (2012, 800m), Eilidh Child (2014, 400m hurdles), Eilidh Doyle (2016, 4x400m), Laura Muir (2018, 1500m), Laura Muir (2022, 1500m). In addition, Ian Stewart won gold in 1969 (5000m), prior to competing internationally for Scotland.


Silver – Alan Paterson (1946, High Jump), David Jenkins (1974, 400m), Cameron Sharp (1982, 200m), David Jenkins (1982, 4x400m), Tom McKean (1986, 800m), Yvonne Murray (1994, 3000m), Lee McConnell (2010, 4x400m), Lynsey Sharp (2014, 800m), Eilish McColgan (2018, 5000m), Eilish McColgan (2022, 10000m), Jake Wightman (2022, 800m).


Bronze – Duncan Clark (1946, Hammer), Jim Alder (1969, Marathon), Rosemary Stirling (1971, 800m), Yvonne Murray (1986, 3000m), Elliot Bunney (1986, 4x100m), Allison Curbishley (1998, 4x400m), Lee McConnell (2002, 400m), Chris O'Hare (2014, 1500m), Eilidh Child (2014, 4x400m), Stephanie Twell (2016, 5000m), Jake Wightman (2018, 1500m), Zoey Clark (2018, 4x400m), Eilidh Doyle (2018, 4x400m), Eilish McColgan (2022, 5000m), Zoey Clark, Nicole Yeargin (2022, 4x400m), Megan Keith (2024, 10000m).


The European Athletics Indoor Championships first took place in 1966 (as the European Indoor Games to 1969) and were held annually until the championships in Glasgow in 1990, when they changed to every 2 years. Scottish athletes who have won medals at these Championships are:


GoldPeter Stewart (1971, 3000m), Ian Stewart (1975, 3000m), Yvonne Murray (1987, 3000m), Tom McKean (1990, 800m), David Strang (1994, 1500m), Eilidh Child (2013, 4x400m). Laura Muir (2017, 1500m & 3000m), Laura Muir (2019, 1500m & 3000m), Laura Muir (2023, 1500m). 


Silver – Brian Whittle (1988, 400m), Brian Whittle (1989, 400m), Yvonne Murray (1986, 3000m), Lee McConnell (2011, 4x400m), Eilidh Child (2013, 400m), Kirsten McAslan (2015, 4x400m), Eilidh Doyle (2017, 4x400m), Chris O'Hare (2019, 3000m), Zoey Clark (2019, 4x400m), Eilidh Doyle (2019, 4x400m), Zoey Clark (2021, 4x400m), Neil Gourley (2023, 800m).


Bronze – Rosemary Stirling (1969, 400m), Rosemary Stirling (1971, 800m), John Robson (1979, 1500m), Geoff Parsons (1986, High Jump), Yvonne Murray (1985, 3000m), Lee McConnell (2005, 4x400m) & (2007, 4x400m), Chris O'Hare (2015, 1500m), Laura Muir (2015, 3000m), Eilish McColgan (2017, 3000m).



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