Senior Outdoor Championships

The following links provide the 1-2-3 at all the Scottish Championships since the first men's championships in 1883 and the first women's championships in 1931.


1883-1968  Men Track  Men Field


1931-1968  Women


1969-2019  Men Track  Men Field  Women Track  Women Field


Senior Indoor Championships

Scottish Indoor Championships were first held between 1972 and 1976 on a 154 metres track at the Bell's Sports Centre, Perth. With that track's closure the event was not held again until 1987 at Ingliston. From then until 2012, the competion was held at Glasgow's Kelvin Hall. In 2013, the Championships were held at Glasgow's new indoor venue, the Emirates Arena.


The following links to the 1-2-3 at the championships:


Scottish Indoor Championships


Age-Group Championships

Schools Championships

Scottish Closed Championships

In 2006, in an attempt to re-vitalise the long-established district championships, the East District and West District Championships were replaced by the Scottish Closed Championships, open only to Scottish qualified athletes or members of Scottish clubs. The North District Championships remained as a separate competition. The event had limited impact and in 2009 was replaced by an Inter-Regional Championships. In 2012, there was a return to separate East and West District Championships.



Scottish Inter-Regional Championships

The Scottish Inter-Regional Championships were introduced in 2009, replacing the Scottish Closed Championships which had been held between 2006 and 2008. The Inter-Regional Championships was a selection event, with 6 teams representing the following regions: Central, East, Highland & Grampian, Tayside & Fife, West City, West Coast. The team results were: 2009: West Coast 467, West City 430, Tayside & Fife 383, East 331, Central 288, Highland & Grampian 251. 2010: Tayside & Fife 433, West City 385, East 380, West Coast 360, Central 282, Highlands, Islands and Grampian 279. 2011: East 449, West Coast 291, Highlands, Islands and Grampian 246, West City 229, Central 210, Tayside & Fife 156. The 2009 and 2010 events were held in May with the 2011 event at the end of August. The poor support for the 2011 event, with teams not being able to fill all their places, led to a return to the District Championships in 2012.



East District Championships

East District champions since 1959:


1959-1985 Men  Women


1986-2018 Men  Women


West District Championships

West District champions since 1959:


1959-1985 Men  Women


1986-2018 Men  Women


North District Championships

North District champions since 1992:


Men Women







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