The following abbreviations for club names are used in the Results and Rankings sections:


^ (Club no longer active)


ABN  Aberdeen AAC

ABT  Abertay University

ABU  Aberdeen University AC

ADA  Adams State University (USA)

AIR  Airdrie Harriers

AKR  Akron University (USA)

ALD  Aldershot, Farnham & District AC (ENG)

ALI  Alicante (Spain)

ALN  Alnwick Harriers (ENG)

AMB  Amber Valley and Erewash AC (ENG)

ANC  Anniesland College

ANG  Anglia Striders (ENG)

ANN  Annan & District AC

ANR  An Riocht AC (IRL)

ANS  Anster Haddies RC

ARB  Arbroath & District AC

ARF  Arbroath Footers RC

ARR  Arran Runners

ASH  Ashford AC (ENG)

AYR  Ayr Seaforth AAC

B&H  Brighton & Hove AC (ENG)

BAD  Badenoch AAC

BAN  Banchory Stonehaven AC

BAR  Barnet & District AC (ENG)

BAS  Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC (ENG)

BAT  Team Bath AC (ENG)

BDN  Blaydon Harriers (ENG)

BEI  Beith Harriers

BEL  Bellahouston Harriers

BHM  ^ Berry Hill Mansfield AC (ENG)

BHT  Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC (ENG)

BHU  Birmingham University (ENG)

BIR  Birchfield Harriers (ENG)

BLG  Belgrave Harriers (ENG)

BLI  ^ Black Isle AAC

BLM  Belmont University (USA)

BLY  Blyth Running Club (ENG)

BMN  Ballymena & Antrim AC (NIR)

BMT  Bournemouth AC (ENG)

BNL  Brunel University (ENG)

BNY  Barnsley AC (ENG)

BOI  Boise State University (USA)

BOR  Border Harriers (ENG)

BOS  Boston & District AC (ENG)

BOU  Bourton Road Runners (ENG)

BPL  Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC (ENG)

BRA  Bradley University (USA)

BRE  Brechin High AC

BRG Bromsgrove & Redditch AC (ENG)

BRK        Bracknell AC (ENG)

BRN        Braintree AC (ENG)

BRO        ^ Bromley AC (ENG)

BRR        Bellahouston Road Runners

BRS        Bristol & West AC (ENG)

BSK        Borrisokane AC (IRL)

BSU        Boston University (USA)

BTH        Bath University (ENG)

BTR        Battle Road Track Club (USA)

BUR       Burton AC (ENG)

BUT        Butler University (USA)

BYM       Bellshill YMCA Harriers

CAB       ^ Cabersport AC

C&C       Cambridge & Coleridge AC (ENG)

CAI         Caithness AAC

CAM       Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers

CAT        AA Catalunya (ESP)

CBT        Campbeltown Running Club

CBU       Cambridge University AC (ENG)

CBY        Corby AC (ENG)

CDS       City of Derry Spartans AC (NIR)

CDU  Cardiff University (WAL)

CEN       Central AC

CGC       City of Glasgow College

CGE       Cambridge Harriers (ENG)

CGM      Cairngorm Runners

CGN       Calderglen Harriers

CHA       Channel Islands AC (GUE)

CHC       Chirnside Chasers

CHF        Chesterfield & District AC (ENG)

CHL  Cheltenham & County Harriers (ENG)

CHM       Chelmsford AC (ENG)

CHN       Charnwood AC (ENG)

CLE        Cleethorpes AC (ENG)

CLP        Clapham Chasers (ENG)

CLS        Chester-le-Street & Dist AC (ENG)

CLY        Clydesdale Harriers

CMB       Cumbernauld AAC

CNB       Csl-Neuf-Brisach (FRA)

COE       ^ City of Edinburgh AC

COG       ^ City of Glasgow AC

COL        Colchester Harriers (ENG)

COP       City of Portsmouth AC (ENG)

COR        Corstorphine AAC

COS        Cosmic Hillbashers AAC

CPO       EA Cergy Pontoise Athletisme (FRA)

CRA       Crawley AC (ENG)

CRD       Cardiff AAC (WAL)

CRK        Crookstown Millview AC (IRL)

CRL        Carlisle Aspatria AC (ENG)

CRN       Carnegie Harriers

CRO       Croydon Harriers (ENG)

CRU       Crusaders AC (IRL)

CTH        Carnethy Hill Running Club

CVF        Calder Valley Fell Runners (ENG)

CWL       Craughwell AC (IRL)

DAC       Dundee & Angus College

DCH       Dublin City Harriers (IRL)

DEE        Deeside Runners

DEP        DePaul University (USA)

DER       Derby AC (ENG)

DEV       Deveron Harriers

DHH       Dundee Hawkhill Harriers

DHU       Durham University (ENG)

DMB       Dumbarton AAC

DMF       Dumfries RC

DMH       Dumfries Harriers

DNB       Dunbar RC

DNF        Dunfermline Track & Field AC

DON       Doncaster AC (ENG)

DOO       Dooneen AC (IRL)

DOR       Dorking & Mole Valley (ENG)

DRO  Dromore AC [NIR]

DRR        Dundee Road Runners

DRT        Dartford Harriers (ENG)

DSD       Dundrum South Dublin (IRL)

DUL        Dulwich Runners AC (ENG)

DUR       Durham City Harriers & AC (ENG)

DUU       Dundee University AC

DWF       ^ Dunfermline & West Fife AC

E&H       Enfield & Haringey AC (ENG)

EAL  Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC (ENG)

EAS       Eastbourne Rovers AC (ENG)

EBH       Ellenborough AC (ENG)

ECH  East Cheshire H & Tameside AC (ENG)

EDC       Edinburgh College

EDI         Edinburgh AC

EDT        Edinburgh Triathletes

EDU       Edinburgh University AC

EKI         East Kilbride AAC

ELG       Elgin AC

ELL        Ellon AAC

ELM       Elmwood College

ELO       Team East Lothian

ENF        ^ Borough of Enfield AC (ENG)

ENH       Enhorna IF (SWE)

ERN        Edinburgh Running Network

ESH        ^ Edinburgh Southern Harriers

ESL        East Sutherland AC

ESX        ^ Essex Ladies AC (ENG)

EUH  Edinburgh University Hare & Hounds

EWM      ^ Edinburgh Woollen Mill

EXE        Exeter Harriers (ENG)

EXP        Essex Police AC (ENG)

FAI          Fairlands Valley Spartans (ENG)

FBK        Ferrybank AC (IRL)

FER        Ferranti AAC

FIF          Fife AC

FIN         Finn Valley AC (IRL)

FLA         University of Florida (USA)

FOR        Forres Harriers

FPU        Franklin Pierce University (USA)

FRA        Fraserburgh RC

FRF        Forfar Harriers

FRR        Forfar RR

FSU        Florida State University (USA)

FUL        Fulham Running Club (ENG)

FUS       Fusion Triathlon Club

FVC        Forth Valley College

FVH       Falkirk Victoria Harriers

GAC       ^ Glasgow AC

GAL       Gala Harriers

GAR       Garscube Harriers

GCC       Glasgow Clyde College

GEO       Georgetown University (USA)

GGH      Greenock Glenpark Harriers

GHD       Gateshead Harriers (ENG)

GIF         Giffnock North AAC

GIR         Girvan AAC

GLA        Glasgow City AC

GLU        Glasgow University AC

GLW       Galloway Harriers

GMU       George Mason University (USA)

GRR       Garioch Road Runners

GSS       Glasgow School of Sport

GUE       Guernsey Island AAC (GUE)

GUH       Glasgow University Hare & Hounds

GVS       Grand Valley State University (USA)

H&D       Hamilton & District AAC

HAD       Haddington Running Club

HAM       Hamilton Harriers

HAR        Harmeny AC

HAS        Haslemere Border AC (ENG)

HBT        Hunters Bog Trotters

HEA        Heaton Harriers (ENG)

HEL        Helensburgh AAC

HER        Herts Phoenix AC (ENG)

HGT        Highgate Harriers (ENG)

HGY        ^ Haringey AC (ENG)

HHH       Herne Hill Harriers (ENG)

HHR  Henwood Hounds Racing Team (USA)

HIG         Highland Hill Runners

HLL        Hallamshire Harriers (ENG)

HLN        Halesowen AC (ENG)

HLS        Hellas FK (SWE)

HOR       Horsham Blue Star (ENG)

HRV       Harvard University (USA)

HRW       Harrow AC (ENG)

HUN       Huntingdonshire AC (ENG)

HWH  Horwich RMI [ENG]

HWU      Heriot Watt University

HYL        AV Hylas (NED)

HYP        Hyde Park Harriers (ENG)

ICL          Inverclyde AC

IEK         Invicta East Kent AC (ENG)

ILF          Ilford AC (ENG)

INV         Inverness Harriers

ION         Iona College (USA)

IPS          Ipswich Harriers (ENG)

IRV          Irvine AC

ISS          ISS - L'Hospitalet (ESP)

IVC         Inverness College UHI

JAR        Jarrow & Hebburn AC (ENG)

JER        Jersey Spartan AC (JER)

JSK   JSK Running Club

K&P  Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers (ENG)

KCH       Kilkenny City Harriers (IRL)

KEI         Keith & District AAC

KEN       Kent AC (ENG)

KIN         Kinross Road Runners

KIR         Kirkintilloch Olympians

KLB        Kilbarchan AAC

KLD        Athletics Kildare (IRL)

KLM        Kilmarnock H & AC

KLV        ^Kelvin Runners

KSU       Kansas University (USA)

KSW       Keswick AC (ENG)

KUH       Kingston upon Hull AC (ENG)


L&M        Lancaster & Morecambe AC (ENG)

LAR        Larkhall YMCA Harriers

LAW       Law & District AAC

LBP        Lothian & Borders Police AC

LBR        Lochaber AC

LCE        Le Cheile AC (IRL)

LDS        Leeds City AC (ENG)

LEC        Lake Erie College, Ohio (USA)

LEE          Leevale AC [IRL]

LGH        Leigh Harriers & AC (ENG)

LGM        Langley Mustangs (CAN)

LGY        ^ Lochgelly & District AC

LHE        London Heathside (ENG)

LIF           Lifford AC (IRL)

LIN          Linlithgow AAC

LIV          Livingston AC

LMU  Leeds Metropolitan University (ENG)

LOM       Lomond Hill Runners AAC

LON       London AC

LOT        Lothian Running Club

LOY        Loyola University (USA)

LOZ        ^ Lozells Harriers (ENG)

LPL         Liverpool Harriers (ENG)

LQF        LAC Quelle Furth (GER)

LSB        City of Lisburn AC (NIR)

LSW       Lasswade AC

LVP        Liverpool Pembroke (ENG)

MAC       Macclesfield Harriers & AC (ENG)

MBR  Middlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers (ENG)

MCH       Manchester Harriers & AC (ENG)

MCN       McNeese University (USA)

MCP       McPherson College (USA)

MDA       Mid Argyll AC

MDU       Mid-Ulster AC (NIR)

MED       Medway & Maidstone AC (ENG)

MET        Metro Aberdeen RC

MFT        Moorfoot Runners

MIL         Marshall Milton Keynes AC (ENG)

MLB        Milburn Harriers

MLH       Mull Harriers AC

MNF       Mansfield Harriers & AC (ENG)

MON       Montrose & District AC

MOR       Moray Road Runners

MPO       Metropolitan Police AC (ENG)

MRK       ^ Maritime Kirriemuir AC

MRP       Morpeth Harriers (ENG)

MRT        Martigues Sports Athletisme (FRA)

MRY        Maryhill Harriers

MSU       Memphis State University (USA)

MTH       Motherwell AC

MUL       Mull Athletic Club

MUS       Musselburgh & District AC

MWU      Midwestern University (USA)

MYL        ^ Maryhill Ladies AC

NAA        Naas AC (IRL)

NAB        Newton Abbot AC (ENG)

NAI         Nairn Area AAC

NAP        Napier University

NAT        Team Nathan UK

NAY        North Ayrshire AC

NCL        New College Lanarkshire

NCU       Newcastle University (ENG)

NDN       North Down AC (NIR)

NDV       North Devon AC (ENG)

NEB       University of Nebraska (USA)

NEN       Nene Valley Harriers (ENG)

NEV        University of Nevada (USA)

NEW       Newham & Essex Beagles AC (ENG)

NHH       North Highland Harriers

NIU         Northern Illinois University (USA)

NMX       University of New Mexico (USA)

NOT        Notts AC (ENG)

NRR        Nairn Road Runners

NRW       City of Norwich AC (ENG)

NSC        North East Scotland College

NTH        Nithsdale Athletics Club

NTV        ^ Nith Valley AC

NUI         North Uist AAC

NWP       Newport Harriers (WAL)

NYK        New York AC (USA)

OCH       Ochil Hill Runners

OCT        ^ Octavians AC

OKU       Oklahoma City Universty (USA)

ORC       Orchard County AC (NIR)

ORG       Orgryte IS (SWE)

ORK        Orkney AC

OSW       Oswestry Olympians (ENG)

OYI          Orkney Islands AAC

PBH        Peterborough AC (ENG)

PBK        Pembroke Athleta (Malta)

PDC       Pays de Colmar (FRA)

PDL        Pendle AC (ENG)

PEM       Pembrokeshire Harriers (WAL)

PEN        Penicuik Harriers

PET        Peterhead RC

PHR       PH Racing Club

PIT          Pitreavie AAC

POR        Portobello RC

PRR        Perth Road Runners

PSH        Perth Strathtay Harriers

QMU       Queen Margaret University

R&Z  Richmond & Zetland Harriers (ENG)

RAD        Radley AC (ENG)

RAF        Royal Air Force (ENG)

RAH        Raheny Shamrock AC (IRL)

RED        Red Star AC

REA        Reading Road Runners (ENG)

RGE       Rogue AC (USA)

RGU       Robert Gordon’s University

RHP       Royal High Panthers

RIC         Rice University (USA)

RNV        Royal Navy AC

ROS        Ross County AC

RSC        Royal Sutton Coldfield AC (ENG)

RSD        Rossendale H & AC (ENG)

RUG       Rugby & Northampton AC (ENG)

RUN       Run GMC (ENG)

RYS        Ryston Runners AC (ENG)

S&L        Skye & Lochalsh Running Club

SAB        St Abbans AC (IRL)

SAL        Sale Harriers Manchester (ENG)

SAU        St Andrews University

SBU        Stony Brook University (USA)

SCB       ^ Scottish Borders AC

SCU       Strathclyde University AC

SEA        Seaton AC (ENG)

SEL        Selkirk Track & Field

SER        Serpentine AC (ENG)

SFA         Stephen F Austin University (USA)

SFD        Salford Harriers & AC (ENG)

SHA        ^ Shaftesbury Harriers (ENG)

SHB        Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers (ENG)

SHD       Shetland AAC

SHF  City of Sheffield & Dearne AC (ENG)

SHN       Strathearn Harriers

SHR       Shrewsbury AC (ENG)

SHS        St Helens Sutton AC (ENG)

SHT        Shettleston Harriers

SHV        Stonehaven Running Club

SKY        Skyrac AC (ENG)

SLI          Sligo AC (IRL)

SLL         Sliabh Liag AC (IRL)

SLO        St Laurence O’Toole AC (IRL)

SMU       St Mary's University (ENG)

SND       Southend-on-Sea AC (ENG)

SOL        ^ Team Solent (ENG)

SOT        Team Southampton (ENG)

SPL         ^ Splott WC (WAL)

SPN        Spenborough AC (ENG)

SPR        Springburn Harriers

SPS        Scottish Prison Service

SRI          Sri Chinmoy AC

SSH        South Shields Harriers & AC (ENG)

STC       St Coca's (IRL)

STF         ^ Stretford AC (ENG)

STK         Stockport Harriers (ENG)

STM        St Mary’s Richmond AC (ENG)

STN        Stornoway Running AC

STO        City of Stoke AC (ENG)

STP        Stockport Harriers & AC (ENG)

STR        Stroud AC (ENG)

STT        Stirling Triathlon Club

STU        Stirling University AC

STV        Stevenage & North Herts (ENG)

STW       Stewartry AC

SUN       Sunderland Harriers (ENG)

SUT        Sutton & District AC (ENG)

SVN        Strathaven Striders

SWA       Swansea Harriers (WAL)

SWU       Swansea University (WAL)

TEL         Telford AC (ENG)

TEV        Teviotdale Harriers

TEW       Tewkesbury RC (ENG)

THH        Thames Hare & Hounds (ENG)

TIP          Tipton Harriers (ENG)

TIR          Tir Chonaill AC (IRL)

TON        Tonbridge AC (ENG)

TRA        Trafford AC (ENG)

TRO        Troon Tortoises AC

TRW       Trinity Western University (CAN)

TUL         University of Tulsa (USA)

TVH        Thames Valley Harriers (ENG)

TWE       Tweed Leader, Jed Track

TYB        Tyne Bridge Harriers (ENG)

TYN        Tynedale Harriers & AC (ENG)

UCJ        Unicaja Atletismo (ESP)

ULL        Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette (USA)

UMO      University of Mount Olive (USA)

UMS       University of Massachusetts (USA)

UNA       Unattached

USF        University of San Francisco (USA)

UTA        University of Utah (USA)

UTX        University of Texas (USA)

UVA        University of Virginia (USA)

UWS       Univ of the West of Scotland

VOA        Vale of Aylesbury AC (ENG)

VIL          Asvel Villeurbanne (FRA)

VPG        Victoria Park City of Glasgow AC

VPK        ^Victoria Park AAC

VTH  Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets AC (ENG)

VTU        Virginia Tech University (USA)

W&B       Wolverhampton & Bilston AC

WAK       Wakefield District Harriers (ENG)

WAR       Warrington AC (ENG)

WBH       Wellingborough & Dist AC (ENG)

WDF       Woodford Green & Essex Ladies AC (ENG)

WDN      West Dunbartonshire AC

WEE       Wee County Harriers

WEL       Wells City Harriers (ENG)

WER       West End Road Runners

WES       ^ Western AAC

WFU       Wake Forest University (USA)

WIG        Wigan & District AC (ENG)

WIN        Winchester & District AC (ENG)

WIR        Wirral AC (ENG)

WIS       Western Isles

WLC       West Lothian College

WLF       Willowfield AC (NIR)

WMS      Whitemoss AAC

WNF       West Norfolk AC (ENG)

WOR       Worcester AC (ENG)

WSB       White Star, Belgium (BEL)

WSE  Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow (ENG)

WSU       Washington State University (USA)

WTH  Worthing and District Harriers (ENG)

WTX       West Texas A&M University (USA)

WYC       Wycombe Phoenix H & AC (ENG)

YKU        York University (CAN)

ZUR        LAC TV Unterstrasse Zurich (SUI)






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